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Making Sense Of the College Admission & Funding Puzzle

College Funding & Consulting helps parents and students navigate all aspects of college admission, such as ACT preparation, FAFSA applications, and degree goals. We provide easy-to-understand information and guidance.

Out Of Pocket Savings

The College Board estimates that the average annual increase in college costs grew 538% faster than family income since 1985. With comprehensive income and asset planning, we can show families how to match their financial situation to the "best ranked" schools for their students target majors.

Financial Aid Planning

Our comprehensive income and asset planning services can help manage your estimated family contribution (EFC) status. Our database of more than 2,900 colleges is used to recommend strategies for your improved college cash flow. We help coordinate any special circumstances appeals to colleges (when appropriate), and provide personalized funding recommendations, including how to pay your EFC on a tax-favored basis when possible.

Forms, Form, and More Forms

Student Holding a Binder

The average family spends 15 - 20 hours filling out nearly a dozen financial aid forms, and most of the information is filed incorrectly and late. Our team completes all forms and filing, with analysis of your award letters. We compare award packages with schools, and process time-sensitive forms, including:

• Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
• CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE®
• SAR (Student Aid Report)

• Institutional Financial Aid Forms
• Financial Aid Verification Forms

Career Counseling

Most high schools do not provide parents and students with adequate instruction about matching colleges to their intended majors. We offer open access to the Kuder Career Assessment computer-delivered system.

College Selection

We administer the Kuder Navigator career assessment for middle school and high school students to determine career goals and majors. These assessment tools are helpful in matching students to colleges and degree programs best suited to their individual interests, skills, abilities and work place preferences.

College Readiness Exams

Parents and students do not realize that one ACT point can gain or lose thousands of dollars in scholarship money. We consult with students and parents to develop a plan for SAT and ACT preparedness. Our team develops a plan for improvement where needed and offers resources and referrals for tutorial assistance.

News and Updates

Our consultants provide a comprehensive planning calendar with all timelines for your applications. You'll also receive a monthly newsletter to keep you informed and on schedule.