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The concept behind College Funding & Consulting came from our solid background in financial, tax and estate planning since 1973. Going through the college planning and financial aid process personally and seeing how it has dramatically changed, it became crystal clear "you don't know what you don't know", and not knowing can cost the average family thousands of dollars per student!

With the average college graduate today taking 6 1/2 years to complete their undergraduate degree due to changing majors 3 times, schools twice and having to move back with their parebts due to unaffordable debt levels; college has become a financial nightmare for most families! Since 2005, 75% of college graduates nationally are in jobs that are irrelevant to their college education, and 47% of full time college students are not able to complete their undergraduate degree due to running out of money and financial aid! The real tragedy here is they have the debt but not the degree to get the job to afford the payments and they can't eliminate the debt through bankruptcy! All of this is avoidable with comprehensive advance planning and 95% of our 3,600 college graduates have completed their undergraduate degrees in 4 years with an average total debt of $23,000 since 1997!

By getting students out of college in 4 years versus 6 1/2, it saves the average family $43,000-$156,000! This is where our expertise comes into play.