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College Funding & Consulting is here to help you understand every aspect of the college application and financial aid process, from ACT® preparation to FAFSA applications. We guide you through each piece of the puzzle—from financial aid deadlines to College Board testing, and choosing a degree program. We encourage you to learn from our experience in navigating the confusing minefield of college admissions and finances.

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College Funding & Consulting is a full-service consulting firm covering all aspects of the college application and funding process. We help your student select a major-appropriate college and advise you on the best financial aid option available. Based in Apple Valley, Minnesota, we serve families nationwide.

Some families can fully fund student's education but don't meet the admission standards of ACT or SAT scores, GPA requirements, or extracurricular activities. Other students may meet all admission criteria, but cannot afford the tuition. With today's college costs ranging between $20,000-$28,000 for a state school, and $48,000 - $71,000 for a private college, very few students are given a free ride.

Many college consultants can match students to a college, but they don't address the issue of cost. Many financial aid consultants charge $1,500 to $3,000 per student but don't offer information about endowments or merit funding. These additional services can cost $595 to $995 per student. We take care of all application and financial aid processes under one roof, with a professional staff of specialists.

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